Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lori Whitlock Creative Team - Stitched Heart Tutorial

Hi everyone!  I'm up on Lori Whitlock's blog today with a quick and easy stitching tutorial for your Cameo. 

The first thing I did was create a rectangle that is 5.25"h x 4"w.  I opened Lori's 11 hearts file and selected a heart to use on my card.   I resized the heart to 3"h (keep aspect ratio). 

Next, using the alpha tool, I typed some periods in Times New Roman at 36 points. 

Grab the toggle button in the bottom left corner of the text box and drag it until it touches the heart.  
The text (dots) will form along the edge of the heart. 

Continue typing periods until the edge of the heart is completely filled. 

Finally, select the heart and click on the cut settings menu (scissor icon) and select "no cut". 
Now when you cut the rectangle you will have tiny holes in the shape of a heart that you can thread with twine.  

I used pattern paper and some sticker elements from the Echo Park - Head over Heels Collection.  
This technique could be used for many types of projects and for any shape. This would be really cute with some "sewing" sentiments.  For example, I love you "sew" much.   

Be sure to check out all the new shapes Lori has added to her shop

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